Core Values

As the lead investor in every transaction we sponsor, we are fully committed to generating superior investment returns for each of our partnerships. To meet this goal, we rely on four core principles:

Alignment of Interests
  • We invest the greater of: a) 10% of the equity or b) $500,000 in each LLC
  • We receive a promote after our partners receive their invested capital and preferred returns
  • We use our credit training to carefully assess the risks of each acquisition and favor properties with limited downside
Focus on Transparency
  • From acquisition to disposition, we aim to provide full disclosure to our partners, including detailed quarterly updates
Value Our Constituents
  • We value our investors and focus on maximizing their returns
  • We aspire to provide “best-in-market” service in our communities; by doing so, we can attract strong tenant bases, the lifeblood of our business
  • Because our onsite staff help us create value at each property, we treat them with respect and pay them for performance
  • We have high expectations of our service providers but endeavor to be fair, professional, and loyal
Work Hard
  • Strong returns result from being highly selective on the “front-end” and very active on the “back-end”. We will screen hundreds of deals if necessary to find one that fits our portfolio
  • Our strong reputation, relationships, market coverage and know-how help us consistently source attractive opportunities and win the deals we want