Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen serves as Managing Partner for each of our partnerships. Adam had a distinguished career on Wall Street where he most recently ran Deutsche Bank’s Securitized Products Group before retiring in 2010. Under his stewardship, the group produced more than $1 billion of annual revenue and at one time had 140 members and more than $50 billion of financing commitments to a wide range of customers including Ford, GM, MBNA, Capital One, and Caterpillar.

Since 2010, Adam has focused his time on multifamily as President of Spyglass Capital Partners. He has underwritten more than 5,000 properties since that time. He controls the largest shareholdings in each partnership and is a Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae approved sponsor in good standing. Adam holds an MBA from Columbia University.

Sebastien Obas

Sebastien Obas joined Spyglass Capital Partners in 2015 as Asset Manager with over 13 years of experience in multifamily real estate operations management. Sebastien is currently tasked with formulating strategic initiatives for due diligence on acquisition of new assets, value optimization of current assets and oversight of third-party management of our portfolio. Prior to joining Spyglass, Sebastien served as a Financial Analyst for Greystar Real Estate Partners, Atlanta regional office. Sebastien holds an MBA in Business Management from Strayer University and is an academic member of the Georgia Institute of Real Estate Management.

Other Partners

The Principals of Spyglass have an extensive network of relationships with property managers, brokers and owners. Spyglass has informal partnership agreements with other leading ownership groups which help Spyglass source off-market deal flow and to improve deal sourcing generally.